• Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent
  • Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent
  • Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent
  • Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent
  • Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent
  • Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent

Believe Quote Jar in Snow Angel Scent


Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside that is greater than any obstacle. ~ Christian D. Larson

It was made to fill your head and help you believe in ANYTHING.

Snow Angel - Light and creaming scent has just a touch of peppermint to make it extra special. 

Top - buttercream
Middle - mint
Bottom - light musk


For a limited time, spend $50 or more on the Protect the Tatas collection and receive an autographed copy of the book 4 Words.  Join Marie Springstein, the founder of the 4 Words Foundation, as she takes you through her personal journey of discovery, treatment, recovery, and survival of DCIS.

30% of the sale of each Protect the Tatas soy candle and scented soy shot goes directly to the 4 Words Foundation in support of the great work they do.  Help spread the word - early detection saves lives.

Burn time: Approximately 50 hours
Net Weight: 9oz

Candle Container

  • Our clean and sleek white straight sided tumbler jars have a glossy outer coating that diffuses candlelight for a softer glow.
  • Ocean Blue Vinyl Lettering (Rasberry Pink Lettering for Tatas Collection)
  • Height: 3.75"
  • Diameter: 3.187"

Each Sun City Candle Co candle is made with love in small batches at our studio in sunny Cape Coral, FL.  We use soy that is made in the USA and supports American farmers.    We use flat cotton wicks that are self-trimming and burn with minimal soot, smoke and mushrooming.  We also use premium grade fragrance oils and no added dyes.

For more information on candle safety, please visit our F.A.Q. by clicking here.

Make Today More Than Just Another Day #maketodaymore

How do you make today more?  It doesn't have to be this grand gesture.  It could be as simple as lighting your favorite candle,  buying flowers for your desk, having a lunchtime dance party, or doing something nice for a complete stranger.  

Here at Sun City Candle Co., we believe that it's the little things that make life oh so sweet.  That's where the inspiration for our Quote and Graphic Jars comes from. Each quote or graphic should be a reminder that today can be more than just another day!

For more About Us, please visit our About Us page by clicking here.

  • Burn your candle on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Keep your candle away from kids, pets and all flammable objects.
  • Never leave your lit candle unattended.
  • Do not burn your candle in a drafty room or directly under a fan.
  • Trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time you light you candle.
  • Allow 3-4 hours burn time for your intial burn.
  • Burn for a maximum of 3-4 hours each time you burn your candle.
  • Stop burning your candle when there is 1/4 inch of wax remaining. 

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