Why We Use Soy Wax For Our Hand Poured Candles

Let me tell you... working with soy is a bitch.

Soy candles throw a clean scent when they burn, allowing even light scents to fill a room. We feel safer knowing that what we’re breathing it comes from natural sources. Our soy benefits US farmers, is made in the USA, lasts longer than paraffin and is the cleanest burning fuel for scented candles. Soy is also a sustainable, renewable resource. We’re not that crunchy, really, but if we can make beautiful candles that make people happy and NOT hurt the planet at the same time, why not do it?

We don’t use essential oils in our candles. Don’t get us wrong—essential oils are amazing, but they’re sensitive. We’re sure you don’t want to pay high prices for essential oils that have had their healing properties killed off by the high temps of molten wax, so we use high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils instead. In our opinion, we have the cleanest candles on the market.