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If you are here, chances are you are an audacious, bold, & badass candle lover. You don’t settle for boring in your life, work & friends.  Soft and soulless “vanilla” scents make you gag.  But you have a crazy life with a business to run, career to nurture and/or family to care for.  You don’t have time for bullshit. You need a shop that you trust to bring you something special when you’re looking to treat yourself o get high-quality delightful awesomeness for your BFF without worrying about being disappointed. 

I feel you babe.  Sun City Candle Co. was made just for you. 

The Birth of a City 

A few years ago, I was going to a Christmas event and needed to bring a handmade gift for some very special ladies. My husband Jeremy is an experienced candle-maker and he suggested that I try making candles. Why not? I loved making my first batch everyone loved getting the candles as gifts. I started experimenting with creating different variations and scents.

I’m allergic to boring, so of course I had to do it my own way, with a healthy dose of attitude and style.

Batch by batch, I figured out how to manage flaws like mushrooming and tunneling. Pretty soon, my candles were prettier and burned better than the ones I saw in stores. Friends started asking me to make them. Then friends of friends. We realized that we were on to something! I quit my day job and we went into business.  

Girl in the Sun

Girl in the Sun - Sun City Candle Co original LogoIt wasn’t enough to make great candles.  I wanted to create a brand that represented the sassy, bold, and fun women who bought them. Although I talk a good game, I am waaaayyyyy too introverted to be the face of the company. I needed to find someone outgoing, confident, fun, and outspoken. The all-seeing Girl in the Sun is all of those things. She’s my Sasha Fierce, daring, courageous and full of attitude.

She is also the inspiration behind the Girl in the Sun private Facebook group, which is very personal for me. It’s a place where badass candle lovers like you can get together to be themselves and support one another. You can see behind the scenes of the candle world and we can get to know each other personally. It can be silly and fun but it’s also a place to vent and share what’s happening in your life. We do talk about candles and I give away a ton of free stuff, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a community.

Protect the Tatas 

Pink from the Protect the Tatas collection - Sun City Candle CoI created the Protect the Tatas line because of something that touched me deeply. In 2014, I had a mammogram scheduled a few weeks before Christmas. What lousy timing! I was a private payer and I was thinking twice about getting that big bill right at the time when it would be nice to have some extra cash. Even though I had had irregular results in the past, I had decided to cancel my mammogram and reschedule a few months later. Just as I was sitting down to call, my phone rang. It was the radiology office, calling to let me know that I was one of twelve private payers who were selected to receive a grant from an organization called the 4 Words Foundation, to cover the cost of the mammogram. I was completely blown away! Thank God the results turned out fine, but I felt blessed, cared for and extremely grateful to these strangers who had done this for me.

I connected with Marie Springsteen, founder of the 4 Words Foundation, and decided to create the Protect the Tatas line. Sun City Candle Co. donates 30% of the proceeds from every sale in this line so that they can provide more grants to women like me, who might not be able to afford to pay for their mammograms. I created these scents to offer strength and encouragement for those fighting breast cancer and their loved ones. You can read Marie’s incredible, inspirational story in her book, 4 Words. I highly recommend reading it if you are struggling with breast cancer or know someone who is struggling with it. This is not an affiliate link. I don’t get anything by referring you except personal joy.

It’s All About Me 

Jeremy’s from Chicago, I’m from Brooklyn, and now we live in Cape Coral, Florida. We’re keeping it real in the sunshine while our two Chihuahuas, Madden J. and Jaxon Mush, chase alligators and great egrets. The alligators are terrified of the seven-pound terrors.

We are always working on new and better ways to improve our candles.  And we get continual inspiration for new scents from life. Hey, Zero Fucks Are Given didn’t just come out of nowhere, right?

Sending love,

xoxo Leslie Krenzelak
Chief Candle Maker
Head of Shenanigans 

Leslie and Jeremy Krenzelak                                              Madden J and Jaxon Mush