Celebration of the Year

You're a hustler baby!  You’ve got a lot on your plate.  You know, things like marketing, accounting, lead generation, and other things like new product development, order fulfillment, inventory and—oh yeah—actually MAKING your product, if that’s your biz.

So it’s completely understandable if you forget to do things to take care of yourself. Not great, but it happens and it’s certainly understandable.

But there’s one day out of the ENTIRE YEAR when you just HAVE to celebrate. You know when that is, right? Yes! It’s your birthday!

Now before you come up with some lame excuse like “birthdays are for children” or “no one wants to think about getting older”, let’s look at what makes your birthday so particularly awesome:

  1. You made it another glorious year. If it was a great year, you can look back on it and revel in your good fortune. If it was a tough one, you can celebrate your fortitude. No matter what you went through, you made it!
  2. A chance to reflect. In your quiet moments, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about where you are and where you are going in your life.
  3. Calorie-free cake. No idea how it works, but somehow birthday cakes have absolutely no calories.
  4. Get-out-of-jail-free cards. “Really officer? I didn’t realize I was going so fast. Do you think you could let me off with a warning? It’s my birthday.”
  5. It’s the freakin’ day you were born! How awesome is that?

So now that we’re on the same page and can agree that your birthday is a day that you should ALWAYS celebrate, let’s look at some sassilicious ways to bring on the candles:

  1. Do something selfless for someone else. This may sound strange, since it’s YOUR birthday, but you’ll be surprised at what a boost you get when you help others. I like to give blood on my birthday. You might like to donate to charity or visit with the sweet old woman who lives down the street. Do what fits you.
  2. Do something you’ve never done before. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane or learning how to knit, breaking out of what you do every day stimulates your brain and gives you something to look forward to. Or dread. Either way, there’s adrenaline involved!
  3. Break out the good shit. Got fine crystal? Use it. Diamond earrings? Wear ‘em. Expensive bottle of champagne in the fridge? Drink it. Occasions don’t get any more special than this.
  4. Indulge yourself. You buy yourself things from time to time, but your birthday is a great time to get something that you really want, but is usually a bit out of reach. You deserve it!
  5. Plan your own damn theme party. Don’t sit on your ass and wait for someone to do it for you. Embrace the fun of planning it yourself. And let’s face it. It’s the only way you’ll get the party you want, anyway. You can have anything from a luau with a stuffed pig to a superhero Cosplay party. Make it uniquely
  6. Visit your own town. Most New Yorkers have never visited the Statue of Liberty, even though millions of people fly from all of over the world to see it. Google “Things to do in (your town)” and see what there is to see. You might be surprised at what you find!
  7. Go out to lunch. If you’re a mom or have other obligations that make going out to dinner a nightmare, try celebrating during the work/school day. You can relax and not have to deal with taking care of anyone else.
  8. Set yourself up for success. Start preparing the day, or the week, before your birthday. Do all kinds of nice things for yourself. Things that you really want done, but don’t have the time/energy to take care of normally. This can be: Reorganizing your closet, clearing off your desk, redecorating your room, taking items off of your to-do list, etc. Maybe even get yourself a gift that you put by your bedside at night. When you wake up on your birthday, you’ll get the double joy of having things done and knowing that you were the one who cared enough about yourself to do them.

Whatever you choose to do on your special day, make it something that will make you happy.

September is my birthday month and I chose Sass as the Candle of the Month to celebrate. Sass was my very first Sun City Candle Co candle and I created it to express myself. I can’t stop my sass. It’s just who I am. And with this candle, I feel like I really embrace it.

It’s musky, it’s sexy, it’s completely unapologetic, but always fun. My sassy attitude is the birthday gift I offer to all of you kick-ass entrepreneurs. It will get you through the tough stuff with a smile on your face. It’s all in the way that you look at things.

At the end of the day, people will only treat you as well as you treat yourself, so make sure you treat yourself well. You deserve it!


Leslie Krenzelak - Founder Sun City Candle CoLeslie Krenzelak - Founder of Sun City Candle Co.

Jeremy’s from Chicago, Leslie's from Brooklyn, and now they live in Cape Coral, Florida. They are chillin' in the sunshine with their two Chihuahuas, Madden J. and Jaxon Mush, who chase alligators and great egrets. The alligators are terrified of the seven-pound terrors.  


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